Lifetime Exterior Paint

What Does a Lifetime Warranty on Paint Mean?

Deluxe Lifecote offers lifetime exterior paint. The lifetime coverage protects homeowners against paint defects that can lead to peeling, bubbling, cracking, and fading. Unlike other paint manufacturers, Deluxe Lifecote offers a lifetime warranty.  Lifetime Exterior Paint by Deluxe Lifecote  What we offer here is not paint. Rather, it is a superior weather-resistant coat guaranteed to…

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Exterior Coating Paint

Exterior Coating Paint: How It Can Save You $5,000?

Exterior coating paint is a simple way to upgrade your property’s appearance. It also gives the building an extra layer of protection. For various homeowners, it offers great value for money. But does it? Most retail-branded paints require repainting every three to five years. However, it all depends on the kind of paint you use….

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Exterior House Paint in San Diego

A New Type of Exterior House Paint in San Diego That Can Reduce Cooling Bills

Painting your house’s exterior is a common way to protect it from natural elements. It works as an extra layer of protection while it keeps your home safe. Is there a house paint that can reflect UV rays and reduce your cooling bills? Yes, there is such a thing as exterior house paint in San…

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Energy-Efficient Paint

The Truth About Energy Efficient Paint

These days, many manufacturers would want to hop on the bandwagon of green products. And in the coatings industry, some companies label their paint as energy-efficient paint. They will inform you how the coatings can be environmentally friendly as they can protect our environment. But is there truth about the coating being environmentally friendly?  How…

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Exterior House Paint in Ventura County

What Color Choice of Exterior House Paint Affects Energy Efficiency of Your Home?

The main role of your HVAC system is to provide your home with a comfortable indoor temperature. But what if you don’t have to depend on such a system to give you a relaxing indoor environment? Instead, you just need to repaint your house’s exterior. It will be a good way to reduce your energy…

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