Lifetime Exterior Paint

What Lifetime Exterior Paint Can You Use for Your Victorian Home?

Wondering what kind of paint is perfect for your Victorian Home? If you are, then choosing Deluxe Lifecote lifetime exterior paint can be a better option. Although there are plenty of options available, DLC is the most preferred by many owners of Victorian homes because of its benefits.  Deluxe Lifecote Lifetime Exterior Paint for Your…

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Exterior Paint

When is the Best Time to Paint Your House’s Exterior?

Exterior paint for your house can protect your investment against outside elements. But when is the best time of year to do it? Experts recommend doing it when the weather conditions are free from humidity, plant, and freezing temperatures.  Is Early Summer the Best Time to Apply Exterior Paint?  You can paint your house’s exterior…

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exterior paint in Orange County

Can Exterior House Paint in Orange County Defeat Heat on the Roof?

The torrid summer sun in Orange County can get inside your homes through the roof. The result is a significant amount of heat gain making it uncomfortable to live in. Can exterior paint in Orange County help?  Should You Opt for Heat-Reflective Exterior House Paint in Orange County for Your Roof?  The rise in indoor…

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