lifetime paint for house

Does Lifetime Paint for House Resolve UV Damage?

The purpose of exterior house paint is to protect your house from UV. However, constant exposure to UV light can deteriorate the paint. The light causes the molecules in the paint’s resin to break apart. It causes the paint to break down. It also chips away. But not if you choose to use lifetime paint…

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lifetime exterior paint

Lifetime Exterior Paint: What It Means to Your House?

How many times do you repaint your house’s exterior? For a lot of homeowners, they repaint every three to five years. It depends on the condition of the materials. Even so, a painting job can cost between $5,000 and $8,000. If you do not want to spend another dime on it, then consider lifetime exterior…

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Exterior House Paint in Orange County

Is Exterior House Paint in Orange County Thicker Than Paint?

Deluxe LifeCote’s exterior house paint in Orange County is thicker than paint. Because it is not a paint but a coat. This is the reason it is called an energy-efficient coat, because of how thick it is.  Why Thicker Exterior House Paint in Orange County is an Advantage?  The thickness of the paint is influenced…

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Exterior House Paint in Los Angeles

How Does an Exterior House Paint in Los Angeles Increase Home Comfort?

If it is time to paint the exterior part of your house again, make sure not to overlook exterior house paint in Los Angeles. With the fluctuating temperature and the scary signs of climate change, it is no wonder that many LA homeowners are choosing to paint their houses with energy-efficient properties.  Exterior House Paint…

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Exterior Coating Paint

How Does an Exterior Coating Paint Increase Energy Efficiency in Your Home?

As your home heats up, your AC must work a lot harder to maintain a cooler indoor temperature. Unfortunately, this only leads to a higher electricity price. It also puts more pressure on the energy grid. Perhaps you have heard of energy-efficient exterior coating paint. But you may wonder how it works. Let’s find out…

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Energy Efficient Paint

Energy Efficient Paint: Stopping Too Much Heat from Getting into Your Home

 The climate is truly changing. Many of us are struggling to lower our energy bills. In many areas in the US, the summer can become unbearable. Unfortunately, most ACs are no longer robust enough to adapt to these extreme weather conditions. Thankfully, there is an energy-efficient paint that can help your AC and prevent too…

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exterior all-weather paint

How to Have Your House Primed in All-Weather Paint?

Researching exterior paint or coating will give you ideas if you are looking for ways in which your home can withstand freezing winter or soaking rains. Keep in mind that your home endures different seasons and daily UV radiation that causes exterior paint to crack, fade, or peel. This is one of the reasons many…

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exterior coating

When is the Best Time to Apply Exterior Coating to Your House to Protect It from Harsh Weather?

Is there a universal time to add a new coat of paint to your house’s exterior? Unfortunately, there is no such thing. The reason for this is that everything depends on the weather and humidity. It is a unique process. However, there are conditions that you need to be aware of which can be a…

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exterior house paint in Los Angeles

What are the Top Reasons You Must Invest in Exterior House Paint in Los Angeles in 2024?

As simple or silly as it may sound, when you give someone directions to your home, the first thing you will mention is the color of your house. The reason is that the first thing we notice about a house is its color. In that case, personalized exterior house paint in Los Angeles will get…

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