Exterior House Paint in San Diego

When you look at your home’s exterior paint, does it not look nearly as great as it used to? Have you been researching exterior house paint in San Diego but can’t quite find something that’s right for your home? That’s perfectly understandable. Sometimes, the best exterior house paint isn’t technically “paint.” That’s our Deluxe Lifecote. Up to twenty times thicker than traditional paint, it’s the exterior paint of choice for folks in San Diego and the surrounding area for a variety of reasons. 

Heat Reflection for Better Energy Costs 

Studies have shown that our Deluxe Lifecote can reduce exterior wall temperatures by up to 37 degrees when compared to the same color of traditional paint. You might think: “OK, but why is that a big deal?” Well, by virtue of keeping your home cooler, you won’t have to turn your AC up nearly as much to be comfortable (nor will your AC unit have to work as hard). Thus, you’ll be able to save on your energy bills for a long time to come. 

Exterior House Paint in San Diego That Does the Job Right 

Of course, keeping your home cooler is just one of the ways that Deluxe Lifecote can help. Beyond that, it offers a higher level of weather resistance. So, when winds and rains do come, they won’t be able to extract nearly the toll on your exterior paint that they might have been able to otherwise. Whether it’s dirt particles or sprinklers, Deluxe Lifecote offers a higher level of protection. Beyond that, it makes your home look that much better to boot.

Exterior house paint in San Diego

Right Team for the Job 

We believe that to get the maximum benefits of Deluxe Lifecote, it should be installed by the best team possible. That’s exactly what we can provide. To learn how we can help, you can reach us through our site or call (818) 806-6826