How Long Does an Outdoor Paint Take to Dry to Achieve the Best Results?

outdoor paint for house

Outdoor paint for a house is a vital component to maintaining the longevity and appearance of your home or building. To achieve the best results, though, it is vital that you let the paint dry first. How long will it take for the paint to dry? What are the factors that affect the drying time? 

How Long Does the Outdoor Paint for a House Need to Dry? 

When it comes to painting outdoor surfaces, allowing them to dry properly is vital for achieving the best and long-lasting results. The drying time of outdoor paint can vary depending on several factors, including the type of paint, water conditions, and the surface being painted. 

Type of Paint

The drying time of outdoor paint depends on the type of paint being used. There are various types available, such as latex, oil-based, and acrylic paints. Latex paints are commonly used for outdoor projects because of their durability and resistance to weathering. They dry faster than oil-based paints, taking about one to four hours to dry to the touch. It is vital to note, though, that even if it may feel dry, it may still take longer to fully cure. 

Weather Conditions 

They play a vital role in the drying time of outdoor paint. Temperature, humidity, and airflow can affect how quickly the paint dries. Ideally, it is best to paint on a day with moderate temperatures, between 10°C and 29°C, as extreme temperatures can interfere with the drying process. 

Surface Preparation 

Proper surface preparation is essential for the paint to adhere well and dry effectively. Before painting, ensure that the surface is clean, dry, and free from dust, dirt, and loose particles. If there is existing paint or coating, make sure to scrape off any peeling or flaking paint. Sand the surface, if necessary, to create a smooth and even base. You should also apply a primer specific to the surface type. 

How Long Will the Paint Last? 

One of the disadvantages of using ordinary paint is that you need to repaint it after three to five years. In that case, you will need to spend another $5,000 just to maintain the beauty of your outdoors. This is the issue with ordinary paint. However, if you want to stop renting your paint and spend between $5,000 and $8000 every three to five years, just opt for a lifetime paint. 

Guaranteed for Life 

This type of paint is guaranteed for life. It is not the cheapest option on the market. However, there is no recurring cost if you choose it. In other words, you can save yourself thousands of dollars every three to five years. In addition to saving on painting costs, you can also save money on your electric bills. The reason for this is that lifetime paint is heat-reflecting. It reduces exterior wall temperature by 37° if you compare it to traditional paint in the same color. 

outdoor paint for house

To learn more about how you can make your house energy-efficient with lifetime outdoor paint for a house, please contact Deluxe LifeCote today. 

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