Is Exterior House Paint in Orange County Thicker Than Paint?

Exterior House Paint in Orange County

Deluxe LifeCote’s exterior house paint in Orange County is thicker than paint. Because it is not a paint but a coat. This is the reason it is called an energy-efficient coat, because of how thick it is. 

Why Thicker Exterior House Paint in Orange County is an Advantage? 

The thickness of the paint is influenced by its base formulation. DLC’s house paint is designed to withstand the region’s climate. In the case of Orange County, DLC paint is formulated to withstand the abundant sunshine of OC. The paint has added components for enhanced UV resistance and durability. 

High Solids Content 

DLC’s house coat is formulated to withstand intense sunlight in OC. Thus, expect it to have higher solids content. Solids refer to the components of the paint that remain on the surface after it dries. It contributes to the overall thickness of the coating. High solids content can boost the paint’s durability. It also provides a layer of protection against the elements. 

Weather Resistance 

Orange County experiences a Mediterranean climate with warm, dry summers. Thus, when choosing an exterior house paint, you need an option formulated to withstand prolonged sun exposure and occasional rain. The need for weather resistance can influence the composition of the paint. It contributes to a formulation that is more robust and thicker when applied. 

Fixing the Problem 

The thicker composition of DLC is another reason you should opt for it. The price may be higher than an ordinary paint. However, what DLC house paint does is that it fixes the problem, instead of hiding it. When you magnify it, you can see that the actual thickness is actually 15 times that of latex paint. This is the reason it can prevent cracking. 

Cracking as an Issue 

When water intrudes into the wall, cracks develop. If that happens, the cracks can cause damage to the stucco. Without proper intervention, framing will be affected. To add insult to injury, molds and termites will start to invade that area causing more damage. Thankfully, though, DLC’s warranty covers cracking. 

Other Benefits of Thicker Coat

The benefits do not stop there. When you choose DLC exterior house paint, you get up to 21% savings on energy costs. Why? Since it is an energy-efficient paint, it reflects UV and infrared rays. Keep in mind that UV and infrared rays from the sun contribute significantly to heat gain in your home. When these rays are reflected away from the surface of your home, it prevents the absorption of excess heat. When you minimize it, the interior of your home remains cooler. 

Lowering Cooling Costs 

During summer in OC, air conditioning is a major contributor to energy consumption. Fortunately, if you choose to paint your exterior walls with this paint, your need for cooling systems will be diminished. This results in lower energy consumption. Consequently, it reduces cooling costs, making your home more energy-efficient. 

Exterior House Paint in Orange County

Enhancing Thermal Comfort

Reflecting UV and infrared rays can contribute to maintaining a comfortable indoor temperature. Keep in mind that if your home can absorb less heat from the sun, your home will experience fewer temperature fluctuations. It provides a more stable and pleasant living environment. This enhanced thermal comfort. Since you will not rely on artificial cooling systems, your power consumption will be greatly reduced. 

If you want to learn more about the other benefits of thicker exterior house paint in Orange County, please contact our experts today.