Sure, if you don’t mind placing a costly band-aid on you’re biggest asset… because that’s exactly what paint does, until the next time damage occurs.

Choosing Paint as “the” option of choice may appear to be the cheapest of all the options (in the moment). Be assured, it’s not. Paint is a GUARANTEED RE-OCCURING COST. Period. You can select a quality contractor whom uses quality material, but that’s about all the control you have – you can’t control the weather or the ingredients in today’s paint.

What is the biggest problem for a homes’ Exterior Walls? CRACKING! Cracks are where water intrudes into the Wall, causing damage to the stucco And ultimately to the framing. MOLD AND TERMITES LOVE MOISTURE! DELUXE LIFECOTE COATING IS THE ONLY PRODUCT ON THE MARKET WHOS WARRANTY COVERS CRACKING!


Painting can cost $5,000-8,000 every 3-5 years. Deluxe LifeCote is guaranteed for life.

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