How Can Lifetime Paint for House Lower Your Energy Bills?

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Making house energy efficient is trending for a good reason. Homeowners are finding various ways to lower their energy bills and making their houses more energy efficient is the best way to go. Perhaps, you have heard of lifetime paint for a house. You might wonder how effective it is in lowering your energy bills. 

Ways a Lifetime Paint for House Can Help in Lowering Your Energy Bills

This type of paint uses different reflective pigments that can help reflect sunlight and reduce heat gain, especially in the summer. Because of how it reflects the sunlight, it can keep your home cooler. It also reduces the need to use your AC. As a result of that, it lowers your energy bills. 

Insulate Properties

Lifetime paint products include insulation properties. They can aid in keeping your home warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. These properties can help to reduce the need for heating and cooling, which can lower your energy bills. 

Make Summer More Comfortable

Summer in the US can cause a lot of discomforts especially if you don’t have an AC at home. However, if you do have an AC, it can cause your energy bills to go up in the summer because it will work harder. When you do choose lifetime paint, it can help in reducing heat loss in the winter and heat gain in the summer. It keeps your home more comfortable. It also reduces the need for heating and cooling. Thus, it lowers your energy bills. 


Another thing to expect from this house paint is that it lasts for a long time. It means that you don’t need to repaint your house every three to five years. Keep in mind that a painting job can cost between $5,000 and $8,000. If you don’t have to paint again, then you won’t have to spend such an amount every three to five years. However, it’s important to note that lifetime paint is not created equal. Furthermore, not all manufacturers offer the best deals for their customers. 

Lifetime Guarantee 

Most paint manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty against flaking, chipping, and peeling. But how about cracking? Unfortunately, they don’t. Cracking is, however, a common occurrence in house painting, even in lifetime paint. That’s why if you wish to have it covered, choose Deluxe Lifecote. It’s the only paint manufacturer that protects the paint against chipping, flaking, peeling, and CRACKING! 

 lifetime paint for house

How Much to Spend on this Type of Paint? 

It depends on a number of factors. These would include the size of the surface to be painted, the location of the job, and the number of gallons of paint to be used. You can expect to pay at least $10,000 for an average-sized house. However, it can be lower or higher than that amount. The best way to know how much you need to spend on lifetime paint for a house is to contact our experts. You may schedule an in-home consultation to find out what budget you need to pursue this project. Contact us and get a free quote.

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