Is Heat-Reflective Exterior House Paint in Ventura County Worth It?

exterior house paint in Ventura County

Do you want to save money on your electricity bill every month? If you do, then yes, heat-reflective exterior house paint in Ventura County is worth it. It may be more expensive than the traditional coating. However, the savings you can get year after year can easily cancel out how much you spent on this paint. 

How Much Savings Can You Get from Exterior House Paint in Ventura County?

The savings will depend on other utility factors. But the savings are significant. This is one reason many homeowners in Ventura are opting for it to help them save energy while helping reduce the effects of climate change. What this paint does is that it reduces the amount of heat the walls and roof of your house absorb. Ordinary paint absorbs heat, thereby, causing a warm indoor temperature. Warmer energy in the interior will trigger more AC usage. But if less heat is absorbed, your house will not get too warm. Thus, your AC won’t work harder than it should. If you use Deluxe Lifecote, you’ll significantly reduce your AC usage. 

Reducing Damage to the House 

A heat reflective paint doesn’t absorb solar energy, as mentioned earlier. Rather, it reflects the heat, thereby, protecting the walls and roof so they’ll stay in good condition. Keep in mind that continuous exposure to the sun can be harmful to your roof and walls. Without proper coating, cracks and splits will appear. If you don’t fix them, the cracks will weaken the exterior of the house. It can lead to leakages. 

Repairing the damage can be quite costly compared to investing in heat-reflective coating. Thus, if it’s time for you to launch a home improvement project, make sure to consider heat-reflective paint to be used on the exterior of your house. The coating won’t absorb heat so there won’t be fluctuation in temperatures. There’ll be less thermal expansion. The walls won’t get weaker as it doesn’t absorb solar heat. 

What Paint to Use? 

Many companies offer heat-reflective paint In Ventura County. However, there’s only one company that offers a lifetime guarantee on cracking. Although paint manufacturers offer a lifetime warranty, the guarantee doesn’t include cracking. And cracks are a huge issue for any exterior walls. If you choose a company that doesn’t offer this guarantee, you’re still left spending on paint jobs to repair cracks. 

But this can be avoided by choosing to use Deluxe LIfecote. It’s the only product that has a warranty covering this issue. Cracks can happen to any house, even to heat-reflective coating. If you choose a coating that covers this problem, you don’t have to worry about the paint job ever again. 

Once Deluxe Lifecote has been applied to your walls, you’ll never have to re-paint them. How much savings can you get? You get to save up to $5,000. 

exterior house paint in Ventura County

Lock Out of Future Painting Expenses

With this exterior house paint in Ventura County, you’re locked out of future painting expenses for life. Call us here to know more at (818) 514-1080.  


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