Why the Unparalleled Lifetime Paint is a Better Option Over a Cheap Coat of Paint?

Lifetime Paint for House

You paint your house every 5 years or so. Opting for a cheap coat of paint might seem cost-effective upfront. But over time the cost can easily add up. Hence, many homeowners now are opting for lifetime paint for their houses. In that way, they’ll invest in house paint once. 

Lifetime Paint for House that Lowers Home Temperatures 

If it is time for you to repaint your house, you might want to consider a paint that won’t fade and a coat that lowers home temperatures. In other words, it is heat reflective so it can reduce your cooling energy costs significantly. 

Protecting the Building 

Walls expand and contract because of fluctuating temperatures. But having a cool wall will reduce it by keeping the temperature fluctuations minimal. It decreases building fatigue while allowing buildings to last longer. 

Why Choose to Stop Renting Your Paint? 

When you paint your house with a regular product, you are choosing to rent the paint. But if you choose Deluxe Lifecote, you can stop renting your paint because it is guaranteed for life. As mentioned, it reduces your energy cost by 21% because it lowers your wall temperature by 40 degrees. Moreover, the coat is 20 times thicker than ordinary paint. It means that it won’t peel or chip. 

No More Future Painting Expenses

Most houses need repainting every 5 years. But with a lifetime of paint, you can let go of these expenses forever. Furthermore, this coat is freeze and thaw-resistant, while it is impervious to mildew. Because you won’t repaint your house every 5 years, you get great savings of at least $5,000. 

Against Cracks 

Some companies offer a lifetime guarantee. However, their warranties do not cover cracks. But Deluxe Lifecote does. Most warranties would only cover chipping, peeling, and flaking. Cracking is no longer covered. But with Deluxe Lifecote, you don’t have to worry about cracking. With 20 times thicker than ordinary paint, this coat is resistant to cracking. But if it does crack, the company’s warranty will shoulder the expenses. Ask us about this lifetime guarantee here: (818) 806-6826.

How to Avail of this Lifetime Paint? 

Call us today so we can send our team to evaluate your house. During the installation of the paint, you are guaranteed that the people who will paint your house are not your day laborers. Rather, they are trained professionals who follow a 12-step process that will assure their quality of work. Because of the permanent solutions we offer, you never have to worry about paint expenses again. We can back up that promise through our lifetime warranties. Thus, even if the cost is higher than when you choose ordinary paint, you still get significant savings in the long run.

Lifetime Paint for House

The Finest Quality Paint for Your House 

If you don’t want to repaint your house, please contact us to know more about our lifetime paint for your house. Call us here to take advantage of a coat that is guaranteed for life: (818) 806-6826.

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