Had Enough of Your Exterior Paint? Try Lifetime Paint for the House

Lifetime Paint for House

You are living in an old house. Expect its painting to peel. So, you embark on a restoration project. But you don’t want to spend thousands of dollars on painting work again and again. Is that possible? It is with a lifetime paint for the house

A Tailored Fit Lifetime Paint for the House 

Most paints won’t last. That’s why you need to re-apply the coating after five years or so. But if you want a more permanent paint solution, you should opt for a lifetime paint. It may come with a hefty price tag. But the savings are enormous. It would resolve the peeling, fading, and cracking issues of most paint. 

Resolve UV Damage 

The exterior part of your house endures a lot of damage from UV rays. If you don’t provide an extra layer of protection, it will face extreme damage. This is where you see surface deterioration in your house that has been painted with an ordinary coat. But not when you choose a lifetime coat from Deluxe Lifecote. 

Skip the Paint for Life 

Most paintwork is provided with a band-aid solution. It means that when the paint is applied, it will only last for a few years. That’s what paint does. It only masks the issue until the next damage occurs. But when you choose a lifetime painter, you are guaranteed that you never have to pay for painting work again. You can’t control the weather but you can manage what you use to paint your house. With Deluxe Lifecote, you get over 40% coat, unlike latex paint which includes 70% water. Because of the structure of this paint, you no longer have to rent your paint. 

Saving $5,000 every 5 Years 

A lifetime paint for your house can last a lifetime. It means that you no longer have to pay for another coat just to ensure that your house’s exterior is heavily protected. Typically, homeowners spend more than $5,000 every five years just to paint their houses. Furthermore, they spend more on energy bills, especially during summer. But these issues can be avoided when you choose an energy-efficient paint that reflects UV rays and heat, thereby, reducing the overall cooling cost. 

Lifetime Warranty Against Cracking 

There are plenty of companies that offer a lifetime warranty for their paints. But Deluxe Lifecote is the only one that offers a guarantee against cracking. This is where the company truly stands out. It does not only cover chipping, flaking, and peeling but also the cracking of the paint. If you face these issues, you can expect the company to re-paint your house at no extra charge. That’s great savings for your painting work. 

Lifetime Paint for House

With Expert Installation 

Most companies offering lifetime paint for your house will only hire day laborers. But not Deluxe Lifecote. The painters who will do the painting job in your house will follow a 12-step process to ensure quality work with the finest installation. To know more about how you can take advantage of it, make sure to call us here: (818) 806-6826.

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