What is the Life Expectancy of Exterior Paint?

Lifetime House Paint

Painting the exterior of your home can be a huge financial project. You may wish to ignore it. But before you neglect re-painting your house, you must know that paint is the first line of defense of your house against outside elements. And if you are seeing signs that it is time to repaint your house exterior, consider choosing lifetime house paint. 

What is the Life Expectancy of Lifetime House Paint

If you opt for ordinary paint, you will not get a lifetime warranty. The life expectancy of this paint will only last up to 5 years. When you see cracking or peeling, you will have to repaint your exterior again. And a painting job can cost between $5,000 and $8,000. However, if you choose a lifetime house paint, you will never have to worry about painting your house again.

Don’t Rent Your Paint 

If you choose a lifetime house paint, you are not renting the paint. Instead, the paint will be with you forever. You will never have to worry about future painting expenditures. Unfortunately, the only place where you can find this type of paint is Deluxe Lifecote. The company offers this incredible product as a result of two outstanding family-owned manufacturers collaborating to produce quality workmanship and customer experience. Deluxe Lifecote continues to honor all warranties for 60 years now. 

Is It a Smart Decision to Invest in a Lifetime House paint? 

It is indeed a wise decision not to rent your paint. Instead, invest in a lifetime exterior paint that prevents you from spending more than $5000 for painting again. With Lifecote technology, you will never have to deal with future expenditures again related to painting. Furthermore, this paint can save you from spending more on utility bills as it can make your house more energy efficient. During summer, you will not have to depend on your cooling systems. The lifetime paint reflects heat and UV rays, thereby, helping you save on energy costs. 

Resistant to Many Outside Elements 

Paints can protect your house against outside elements, like UV rays, mildew, moisture, and many others. These elements can damage the exterior of your house. To ensure that there will be no further damage, you need to repaint your house. It means you have to spend another $5,000 for the painting job. But if you choose Lifecote technology, you are locked out of all future painting expenditures forever. This coating is ASI tested and it can help you save up to 21% on cooling costs. 


Thanks to its ability to reflect heat, instead of absorbing it. Since it is up to 20 times thicker than paint, it is guaranteed to be superior weather-resistant. These dramatic benefits are all exclusive to Deluxe Lifecote. 

Lifetime House Paint

How to Use Deluxe Lifecote? 

The first step to choosing lifetime house paint is to call us. We will assign you an inside project representative, who will be your first point of contact each time you have questions before and after the project is completed. Give us a call today to help you get started: (818) 806-6826.

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