The Only Exterior Paint That Your House Needs

Exterior Paint

Applying exterior paint to your house is an effective and simple way to give your house a complete makeover. It also gives your property a modest refresh. But painting is an expensive, expensive job. It requires a significant amount of time and financial resources. After three to eight years, you may need to repaint it. 

How to Avoid Future Painting Expenses Forever with this Exterior Paint

If you are wondering what this exterior paint is, then you are in for a treat. This paint has been used since 1963. LifeCote technology was the first military heat reflective technology introduced to residential exteriors. Deluxe Lifecote has been at the vanguard of advanced technologies that create the best coatings for the public. Since a painting job can cost thousands of dollars, you can avoid this expense when you choose the lifetime warranty of Deluxe Lifecote. 

Why Does LifeCote Work? 

It works because it is 10 to 20 times thicker than ordinary paint. It has been tested to save up to 21% on cooling costs. Instead of absorbing heat, it reflects it and UV rays. As a result, it significantly lowers energy costs. 

What Kind of Finish Can You Get? 

It depends on your preference. You can determine how it looks when it is dry. The overall finish will hinge on the rain of binders and resins to pigment levels. LifeCote may reflect UV rays but it can also hide imperfections. Hence, it does not only protect your house against UV rays, heat, and other outside elements, but it can also effectively transform your older house into a modern look. 

Not Too Dull or Too Shiny 

Before you can choose what kind of color to paint your exterior, you can consult with the experts at Deluxe LifeCote. But the paint finish is guaranteed to be not too dull or shiny. Thus, you are guaranteed to have your house’s exterior look nice. It works well on any type of surface. LifeCote experts know how to mix and match the color to ensure that you are happy with the result.

Exterior Paint 

Why Do You Need to Protect Your House Exterior from Sun’s Rays? 

The sun’s rays can be your house’s ally to make the exterior paint pop up for its maximum effect. However, the UV light can be detrimental to your house’s exterior. Over time, it can impact your home’s exterior paint. If you use ordinary paint, you will soon find the paint to bubble or blister over time. Extreme heat can cause the paint to bubble. When the blisters burst, they leave bare spots. Peeling is another effect of UV light. When the bubbles burst, the paint peels away from the surface. It causes the paint to flake away, expanding the bare spots. 

But your house can avoid all of these effects by choosing to use exterior paint that reflects heat and UV rays. When you choose Deluxe Lifecote, you can enjoy a lifetime warranty against peeling, cracking, and chipping of paint. Find out more about it by calling us at: (818) 806-6826.

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